Saturday, February 18, 2006

At the Danish Embassy in Washington DC

The New Black Panther Party and other Muslim groups held a protest rally at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington DC today. I was there to counter them standing with other FreeRepublic people between them and the embassy as synmbolic "human shields".

Freedom has to be defended, and we're not going to let the other side have the streets and public square to themselves any more.

As I've no time tonight to copy everything to blogger, please go to The Redhunter for details. As always, I've got photos and a full report.

Michelle Malkin was there. I didn't really get to meet her but it was a thrill to see her there, as I'm a huge fan. As of this writing she doesn't have a post up yet on it but I'm certain that on Sunday she'll have full coverage up.

The Washington Post has a short story up on the event, and I'm in the photo on their website, as the guy holding the Danish flag at left.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The "Cartoon Intifada" Intimidation Spreads to the UN

The United Nations, believe it or not, is in the midst of overhauling it's Commission on Human Rights. Unfortunately, it's hit a little snag
A drive by a bloc of Islamic nations for a global ban on "defamation of religions and prophets" has thrown a major kink into U.S. hopes for an overhaul of the leading U.N. human rights body.

The proposal by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), floated last week amid violent protests over the publication in Europe of cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad, came as U.N. delegates were trying to negotiate the charter for a new Human Rights Council.

"It's a giant monkey wrench in the process, and that is what it was designed to be," said Hillel C. Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based United Nations Watch, a watchdog group that has closely followed the talks.

"To include this in the charter, just as an appeasement to violence, would taint the body before it even began," he said.
I told you the reaction to the cartoons was all about intimidation here and here.

The entire affair is an attempt to intimidate the West into making concessions to radical Islam, and what's happening in the UN is only the latest example.

FYI if you're not completely familiar with what what I call the "Cartoon Intifada" a great summary can be found at The Foreigner in Formosa, the latest addition to my blogroll.

As for the OIC, go to their website and check them out. Their site doesn't allow for permalinks within it, but if you go to "Press Releases" and then down to the one titled "Speech of H.E. Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic conference, before the sixty-first session of the United Nations commission on human rights" here are some gems you'll find:
Islamophobia, which is a new name to an old phenomenon, has been recently brought to the forth after the criminal, evil and tragic events of 9/11. Although these horrendous atrocities received a swift and unanimous condemnation by the OIC, Muslim leaders and scholars throughout the world, the irrational voices of hatred and bigotry were quick to demonize Islam and Muslims. Some Western media fueled the fear of Islam linking it with terrorism.
I can't imagine why anyone would link Islam with terrorism.
I would like to hasten to admit that a gap exists between Islamic teachings as rooted in the creed, and between the practical application of them in some Muslim countries. But whenever there is a departure from these teachings, the reasons are to be found in wrong application.
Maybe so. But what I'm not seeing is any serious attempt to put an end to the problem within Islam, and that is a problem with violence.

While some Governments in the West and elsewhere have been keen to ascertain that the war on terrorism is not directed against Islam or Muslims, the measures that were taken by them, have almost solely targeted Islam and Muslims who bore the brunt of harassment and the denial of their rights and civil liberties.
I can't take it anymore. Listening to this from someone from an Arab Islamic nation is too much.

The Fundamental Problem at the UN

If you want to know what the problem is with the UN Commission on Human Rights, just go it's website and take a look at their membership. Here are some of the current members:

Saudi Arabia

Not exactly a list of winners when it comes to human rights. Many good nations are also on the list, but the fact that the above nations are there also makes a joke out of the entire thing.

The editors of National Review have an excellent editorial on reforming this body. Read it. They identify the problem just as I have
The UNCHR's basic problem — which is, come to think of it, also the basic problem of the U.N. — is that it puts liberal democracies side by side with genocidal despotisms as though they were equally legitimate
Their solution is something along the lines of what I have suggested, create an alternative body
Regardless of whether we participate in the new council, it's time to create an alternative. The United States should lead efforts to found a new institution devoted to the protection of human rights, and involving eligibility requirements that would limit member states to genuine liberal democracies.
I agree 100%. Let's make it happen, and not be intimidated by radical Islamists who want to limit press freedom through bogus "defamation of religions and prophets" proposals.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Protesters Storm Diplomatic Enclave - Yahoo! News

Here we see the Madrasa system of education at work in Pakistan.

LAHORE, Pakistan - More than 1,000 protesters stormed into Islamabad's diplomatic district while thousands vandalized Western businesses and torched a government building in another city Tuesday, in Pakistan's worst wave of violence against the Prophet Mohammad cartoons, officials said. At least two people were killed.

Check the picture on the side bar.

Pakistani students run away from tear gas fired by police to disperse the crowd who...

Two banks, a KFC and Norwegian mobile phone co. Telenor.

Apparently, Pakistanis like their chicken "extra crispy". No telling what was substituted in the 12 original spices recipe to make it halal.

One can see that Madrasa classes for the fall semester included:

Speech: Chanting 101: Better Slogans through Allah
Social Studies: How to organize a protest
Psychology: Instigating "Mob Mentality"
Economics: How to turn your country's economy from crap into petrified dog dookie in 7 days
Poly/Sci: Three proven methods to cut off diplomacy and all foreign aid so your people can starve yet live under the laws of Sharia
Science: Playing with fire
Biology: Tear Gas and Your Respiratory System
Physical Ed: Preparing for the Lahore Marathon - Dodging bullets, batons and tear gas.
Qur'an Studies: It's in the Koran.

Protesters Storm Diplomatic Enclave - Yahoo! News

Monday, February 13, 2006

A movie premiere in Antwerp

Yesterday evening, a sick anti-American and antisemitic Turkish film (about which LGF reported earlier) had its Belgian premiere in my hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. The film was shown simultaneously in two theaters, with an attendance of 1,400 people. My local newspaper, Gazet van Antwerpen, today had a report about the event carrying the following headline:

Antwerp Turks also enthusiastic about bloody Iraq-movie.
Applause for dead Americans
Here are a few excerpts from the report:

Sunday night, the Turkish movie 'Kurtlar Vadisi Irak' ('The valley of the wolves, Iraq') was received with applause and cheers in Metropolis in Antwerp. ...

Ranging from veiled mothers to business men, teenagers and even small children, the audience of the Belgian premiere of 'Kurtlar Vadisi Irak' was very diverse. ...

"The last episodes [of the series on which the film is based] were indeed anti-American"[according to one of the many attending Turks]. ...

The Americans are clearly the villains in the film. The chewing guys don't mind if one child more or less gets killed when they invade a wedding with their loaded machine guns. And a dubious doctor - Hollywood actor Garey Busey - cuts the organs from the warm bodies of the Iraqis to help America and Israël with fresh donor organs. ...

As the film progresses, the applause gets more and more enthusiastic when another brutal American is shot. The biggest villain gets verbal abuse in Turkish from a visitor. And when at the end of the film the villain is lying dead on the floor, the crowd bursts into applause. ...

The cast has already made a whole tour of gala premieres throughout Europe, but Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are still on the agenda. "When there is an invitation, we do a galapremiere in that country", [the star actor says]. And adds with a telling smile: "Only from America have we received no invitation yet."