Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

In the aftermath of the London terrorist bombings, it is high time that the civilized world rethinks its attitude towards security issues. As radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt said today, years from now people will wonder why the civilized world allowed Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Certainly, the case for regime change in Iran has been illuminated by the London bombings. If those terrorists had been able to use nuclear bombs in place of the conventional variety, they would have used them without a thought.

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Perhaps the American Left will spend less time worrying about the injustices of playing pop music to terrorists in Gitmo and more time trying to defeat and disrupt the next terrorist attack? Perhaps not. But the rest of us need to see the London bombings as a wake-up call, as many of us might have slipped into a pre 9/11 mentality that we cannot afford.