Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another Fake Vigil

Here they are, holding their fake vigil in my home town:

What these people claim to be doing is holding a vigil to "mark the death of the 2,000th reported U.S. military death in Iraq and to say that the country’s pro-peace majority wants Congress to stop the deaths by stopping the dollars that are funding the war."

What they're really doing is exploiting war dead to push an insane agenda that at the least would result in more, not less, bloodshed in Iraq, and at worst an al-Qaeda run caliphate throughout the Middle East. AFPS thinks that we should end the war in Iraq immediately, regardless of the consequences. It's on their website here, check it out.

The organizers of this "vigil" are members of a group called the American Friends Sevice Committee (AFSC), and they're a far left group that has been agitating for unilateral US disarmament for decades.

This time they're holding a series of parties (er, "vigils") to celebrate (I mean "mark") the death of 2,000 American soldiers (and I mean to include sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guard) in the liberation of Iraq. Acording to their website, there were 606 such "vigils" scheduled to be held today.

Why Do I Call them Fake?

I call them fake because their purpose is to demoralize the American people so that we pull our troops out of Iraq immediately, regardless of the conseqences. In it's entire history this organization has not shown a whit of concern for the welfare of American soldiers.

Let me make this clear: If you simply think we should not have gone into Iraq, that is fine. We can disagree on this. Further, if you think that President Bush and co have made a mess of matters, then fine, too, we can debate these points. But decent opponents of the administration believe that since we are there we must win. If you believe that we should pull out without winning, you are a "useful idiot" and I have no sympathy for you.

And yes, it matters who is organizing the protest or rally. The excuse "I'm just here to show my support/opposition to X but don't support the organizers" doesn't cut it. People have an obligation to check out the organization holding an event if they plan on attending. If you don't think so, imagine if a front group for the Klan held an anti-affirmative action protest. If it then became commonly known that the organizers were Klan members, would you accept that excuse from people who attended? I sure wouldn't.

You can read my post yesterday on the AFSC or simply go to and read all about them .

Unfortunately, they're not alone in exploiting our soldiers.

They're Not Alone

Not to be outdone, is running a TV commercial called "How many more?" This blogger says he saw it run on CNN (Hat tip Michelle Malkin).

The disgusting group Code Pink is also calling for "action" today. Did I tell you where they're going to celebrate New Years? Here's a hint; it's an island to the south of the US run buy a guy who wears old army uniforms and has a beard. If you miss that one you can go with them to Venezuela in late January.

Of course, Code Pink has a lot of experience at holding fake vigils. They hold one every Friday night outside the main entrance to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

And as I'm sure you all know by now, mother Sheehan says that she'll tie herself to the White House Fence "to protest the milestone of 2,000 U.S. military deaths in Iraq."

Much of the media is playing the game too. Check out this picture posted on MSNBC.

The Right Side

This USAF major points out why the accounting is bogus(hat tip K-Lo at NRO).

The US military doesn't think much of all this, either. U.S. Army Lt. Col. Steve Boylan, spokesman for the coalition in Iraq, has this to say in an email to the press

I ask that when you report on the events, take a moment to think about the effects on the families and those serving in Iraq The 2,000 service members killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a milestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives.

The Col is right on all counts.

LGF has about a dozen posts on all this. Be sure to check them out.

And last, but most of all, go here to find out all about American heroes in Iraq.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On the Multiculturism Radar Screen

"Multiculturism", strolled into the American scene like a cute little underfed puppy. For the most part, well-wishing citizens who saw the United States as a melting pot of different cultures and races etc., nourished this little animal through our education system and all the media outlets by "celebrating diversity". However, as Coca-Cola ads tried to teach us all "to sing in perfect harmony", the cute little puppy grew into a Trojan Horse packed full of bitter racial, ethnic, and sexual-orientation political power snatchers with all the 'victimhood' propaganda weapons fully unsheathed and swinging.

One of these groups "MEChA" (Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan /or The Student Movement of Aztlan Chicanos) has not yet been given much air or ink from the msm. Recently (via Frontpagemag) explained it's ambitions in a nutshell. In an article by David Orland "The Road to Aztlan":

"Radical politics have been part of the game on American campuses since at least the mid-1960s but have recently taken a new and disturbing turn. At colleges and universities across the country... MEChA -- is calling for the surrender of wide swaths of American territory to Mexico. Worse yet, in doing so, it has the support of university administrators, elected officials, and -- thanks to the mandatory student activity fees on which the organization depends -- tuition-paying students.

"...Founded in the late 1960s, MEChA has spent the last three decades indoctrinating Latino students on American campuses in the ideology of reconquista (reconquest). According to MEChA propaganda, the Southwestern United States -- including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, as well as parts of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado -- sits on the territory of the ancient (and mythical) --Nation of Aztlan.-- Supposedly the cradle of Aztec civilization, MEChA charges that Aztlan was unjustly seized by the United States following the Mexican-American War. Now MEChA wants this territory given back to its alleged rightful owners: the people and government of Mexico. "

As illegal immigration continues to exploit our lack of vigilance and political apprehension by most of our elected officials, the threat of a populist driven pseudo-nationalistic fervor could start chewing away the foundation of America's greatness (for ALL races) like termites. History revisionists have been paving a smoother path for idealistic renegades from reality. With delusions of racial/ethnic/national grandeur, they continually move their wagons forward at every given opportunity.

Michael, (astute Belgian observer) from Downeastblog has compared our immigration problems with Europe's: " guys don't know how lucky you are. You are [gosh darned] dealing with Catholic Mexicans!!!" ...Point well taken, Michael. At this particular juncture I wouldn't trade our immigration problems with yours for anything. And if all we had coming over the border were honest Christian-valued families just trying to eke out an honest living (which many are), the issue would be much easier to deal with. But, besides the obvious terrorist threat, there are many criminal elements creeping through our soft boundaries which include gang members and fugitives from the law ( no doubt Vincente Fox is only too happy to send them north) wheeling and dealing the drugs, arms, slave labor, and sex trade. These new visitors are ripe for the picking by "Aztlan" recruiters. It would be very tempting for fugitives from corruption that have few or no prospects to partake in a new revolution that promises the reincarnation of a past "great civilization"?

Atzlan's "total independent news service" website oddly smacks of radical islamic propaganda. Just about every leftist bone of contention against the United States is embraced. Apparently they see themselves as North America's "Palestinians" showing proud solidarity with the 20th century's founding fathers of terrorism. "Palestinians" have taught us that if you rant loud enough and long enough while brainwashing a couple of generations with lies, hate, and martyr duty, the naïve "world community" will validate and finance your objectives. Cinnamon Stillwell gets it right: "From its mythical beginnings to its continuing ability to attract followers, the "Palestinian cause" has taken on a life of its own. It's the third world "resistance movement" de jour and entire classes of Westerners would have no purpose in life if not for its existence. The Palestinians can literally do or espouse anything and the world will willingly turn a blind eye." [emphasis mine]

While MEChA has not yet found a powerful base that will entertain and finance its pursuit, it is most certainly worth keeping a close eye on this bunch. Academia, illegal immigrants, msm, and Hollywood are all extremely vulnerable to these types of victimhood campaigns.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday reading

Some interesting reading to start a new week:

- At the time of Saddam's capture, one could already guess what the reaction on a possible trial would be. So today's reaction on the trial that started a few days ago, should come at no surprise. Further: more about Iraqis' attitude to the trial.

- I suggest a new strategy to take care of the Islamists: why not send a few of our finest comedians after them, because they seem to have absolutely no sense of humor, as the new outrage about the burning of corpses in Afghanistan (hat tip: Publius Pundit) and about a few Danish cartoons depicting their prophet has shown. And if that doesn't help, well, then we can still count on the American soldier (not soildier like in the recent ad for Belgian magazine Mo that shows a few servicemen holding a gas pump instead of their usual rifle). Recently, a Nobel Peace Prize winner (could you believe it?) paid tribute to those fine warriors (hat tip: Daily Demarche). We should not rob "the war dead of their sacrifices and their achievements, their honor and their pride" (registration required) by cutting and running (hat tip: LGF).

- Finally, just finished viewing "The Sum of All Fears", a film adaptation of the book with the same title by Tom Clancy. Great movie. Another one of his books, "Executive Orders" ("Uitstel van Executie" in Dutch) is definitely my favourite one.