Saturday, October 30, 2004

Satanism and the British Royal Navy

I ran across this story and thought it would give us a brief respite from pre-election stress.

"He looks every bit the clean-cut naval rating at the start of a promising military career.

But the ordinary face of Chris Cranmer masks his unusual status - as the first officially recognised Satanist in the British Armed Forces.

Leading Hand Cranmer, 24, a technician on board HMS Cumberland, has been given permission to perform dark Satanic rituals at sea.

Captain Russell Best of the Type 22 frigate made the decision which allows the serviceman to openly worship the Devil. It means Mr Cranmer of Kirkliston, West Lothian, will be given a Church of Satan funeral if he is killed in action, and is allowed to perform rituals wearing black robes in front of a makeshift altar."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Excerpts from Denver Post Endorsement:

Since 2001, Colorado has lost more jobs than we've gained, and the ones we've gained pay less than the ones we've lost. We pay less in taxes, but our household and medical expenses have skyrocketed. Ninety thousand of us have lost our health coverage. Washington is ringing up record deficits and sticking the next generation with the bill. In Iraq, Colorado-based military units and reserves are deployed in a hostile environment for questionable purpose and uncertain result.”
“Two glaring sore spots are [Bush’s] obsession to cut taxes even while piling up record deficits, and his mishandling of all things Iraq. He squandered global good will by taking a "my way or the highway" approach to matters of global warming, international law, Iraq weapons inspections and ultimately the Iraq invasion. He bows to corporate preference in matters of energy and environment, and his education funding levels leave far too many children behind.”
“Kerry has infused the 2004 campaign with energy and gumption, offering fresh ideas on health care and sensible plans for our tax structure. His are the superior proposals on environmental protection, on stem-cell research and judicial nominations. Sure, we've seen Kerry bend to the political winds over his long career, but we wouldn't mind one bit if more Washington politicians would reconsider their past judgments and ideological certainties. Kerry's growth on the campaign trail gives a glimpse of his potential.
Kerry has earned our respect with a tenacious approach to this campaign. We think he would be a stronger candidate at a juncture when Washington has more latitude to balance security issues with domestic and diplomatic initiatives.”
“The president sent U.S. forces into Iraq 18 months ago to oust Saddam Hussein, but with no plan to handle any subsequent resistance. Vice President Dick Cheney said Iraqis would greet the invasion force as liberators, quite a miscalculation, and there was no Plan B. Coalition forces have been unable to defend Iraqi oil assets from insurgent sabotage. It's hard to believe the United States could have done a worse job planning for a new Iraq.”

You’ve heard all this before. So why are these statements so noteworthy?…They are taken from an endorsement for PRESIDENT BUSH!

Yes, our liberal newspaper just could not allow itself to back a Kerry ticket. “…But decisiveness is a crucial characteristic in the showdown with the nation's elusive enemies. We believe he meets the test, and we aren't sure about John Kerry.
“Still, [Kerry’s] actions in Congress raise doubts regarding Kerry's ability to safeguard the national security. He has not demonstrated willingness to consider firm military options when American strength is being tested, nor the resolve to see a policy through a rough patch. Even in 1990, when the United States had such broad global support for the effort to oust Iraq from Kuwait, Sen. Kerry voted no. We believe Kerry when he says he would never seek a permission slip from the United Nations to defend America, but his emphasis on putting U.S. policy to a global test grants too much leverage to undependable partners like Russia, France or Germany.”

While liberals are still obsessed about Bush apologizing for all of his “failures” and “mistakes”: “Our support for Bush is tempered by unease over the poor choices and results of his first term. To succeed in his second-term, Bush must begin by taking responsibility for U.S. failures in Iraq, admit his mistakes and adjust U.S. strategy.”
There’s still a glimmer of hope in their final summation: “We believe George W. Bush is up to the challenge.”