Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Are we too partisan?

A friend of mine usually votes Republican, but he isn't consistently conservative on political issues, except on abortion. As a result, he often disagrees with President Bush and the Republicans on issues. He opposed the Patriot Act, doesn't like free trade and social security reform and has expressed opposition to the Senator Frist's plans to use the "constitutional option" (a.k.a. "nuclear option") in order to force up or down votes on judicial nominees.

This makes me wonder? Am I too partisan? When Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harrassment in 1991, I believed (and still believe) that Mr. Thomas was guilty of a Left-wing smear campaign. When Bill Clinton was accused of lying under oath, I believed Clinton was guilty. So, when I see John Bolton getting charges hurled at him and Republican Senators saying they have "doubts" about Bolton (forcing a delay in the committee vote), when I hear that many Republican Senators aren't willing to go public with their views on up or down votes for Bush's judicial nominees, I wonder.

Am I too partisan?


Watch out Sesame Street!

Here comes Phil A. Buster! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
It’s hard to imagine the target audience being of voting age and up. Beware of the Evil Republican Robot!