Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keeping up with the CHANGE

With the rate that Obama and Congress are going, we need to keep up-to-date on what they are up to.

Off the top of my head:

1. Health Care "reform".
2. Cap and Tax (trade).
3. Amnesty for illegals
4. Appointment of more "Czars" (if you look closely at the ones already appointed, some are Socialists, Marxists, ex-Big Union leaders, '70's radicals, etc)
5. USA Service Corp. (watch for an eventual turn to using it as basis to build a "civilian military")
6. Reducing strength of our military.
7. Might bypass Congressional approval process and sign the treaty with Russia (that the Senate has not yet seen) to reduce our nuclear armaments.
8. Second (actually third) stimulus bill hiding pork for vulnerable Dems and RINOs worried about 2010 elections.
9. Bailouts of states like California, Michigan, etc.
10. More "stealth" taxes (on soda, alchoholic bevs, etc)
11. Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to affect the poor and the elderly so that more of them demand "Universal Health Care".
12. Tax hikes are coming if and when any of the above legislation is passed.
13. Joining World Court (long shot for Obama, he needs 67 votes in Senate, but he will try)
14. Prosecution (or even just persecution) of Bush admin for "torture" as a means to distract the populace from his real agenda.

Then there is this: On June 30, the Obama admin announced a '$32 Million Initiative to Expand Hydropower.' This is the first I've heard of this. I'm not sure what to make of it, but the following statement makes me wonder what they are up to. Sec Chu says that it is "designed to support the deployment of turbines and control technologies to increase power generation and environmental stewardship at existing non-federal hydroelectric facilities."

The part that worries me is the last part about "Environmental stewardship at existing NON-FEDERAL hydroelectric facilities". SO, are they going to impose excessive environmental regulations on the ones that are non-federal so that they have to raise rates to survive? Trying for eventual federal takeover via a "bailout" like they did with the banks? (nationalization).

By the way, if there is a bill in Congress that you would like to keep tabs on, this is a great website to utilize for that purpose:

Use this link to go directly to the "Search bills by subject" where you don't have to know the bill's number:

Here is an example of what you can use this website for. This afternoon, I went to the website and looked at bills that have been submitted to Congress. I found this interesting bill that was recently submitted to the House of Representatives:

=== H.Res. 626: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Members of Congress who participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) should be automatically enrolled in the public plan. ====

SO, you say, what is the big deal? A Republican Congressman has introduced a bill to say that the Members of Congress who are presently enrolled in FEDBP should be enrolled in the "public plan" that would be created under Obama's so-called "Health Care Reform" in an attempt to make creation of a public plan unpalatable to the members of Congress.....

Why, you ask, do you find this so interesting?

Well, just so you know, what I find SO very interesting is that the bill is sponsored by .... a..... DEMOCRAT!

The bill's sponsor is Artur Davis, a Democrat from Alabama. Mr. Davis has already announced that he will be running for Governor next year and has a very good chance of winning, so he isn't worried about blowback from "the party" for doing this.

The text of the bill has not been posted yet, since the bill was just recently submitted, on Friday, July 10. It has only gone as far as being referred to the House Administration and House Ways and Means Committees.

Of course, once the full text is posted, I might be sorely disappointed. But I will be watching to see what it says.