Monday, May 02, 2005

The latest wacky liberal conspiracy theory

The liberal left has come up with a new "conspiracy theory" about Christian Fundamentalists, the "Religious Right" - that "a political and religious movement called "Dominionism" has gained control of the Republican party, and taken over Congress and the White House as well. Once they take over the judiciary, the conversion of America to a theocracy will be sealed."

I read about this over on National Review - a Stanley Kurtz column: Dominionist Domination
The Left runs with a wild theory.

Kurtz references several articles and mentions a recent conference called, “Examining the Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right.”

I am constantly amazed at the looney left. Many of them look at a fringe group and believe that all Christians are just that looney. Heck, how many average Americans have even HEARD of "Dominionism"? No one that I know has ever heard of such a movement. Shows you how little they know about Christians!

Now, do I think that all liberals/Democrats are as crazy as these people?

Well, just maybe.....