Friday, January 01, 2010

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Here’s a candidate worthy of our attention and possible further promotion.

“I served in our Nation’s Army for 22 years active duty service and in three combat zones. I can attest that this is the vilest and most determined enemy we have seen in our Republic’s existence. We face a radical Islamic ideology that is uncompromising and intolerant in prosecuting its objectives, totalitarian and imperialistic global domination. This is manifested in Islamic terrorist organizations funded and maintained by state sponsors who are enacting proxy war worldwide[…]
[…]What we have developing is truly a 21st century axis power ready and willing to align in order to defeat America and its allies.
And our current administration issues proclamations about not calling the enemy, “enemy combatants”, and willingly releasing them to return to the battlefield. It is an administration willing to send your taxpayer dollars to Hamas, not to our defense budget. This administration is projecting weakness, not resolve, at a critical time.” -
Lieutenant Colonel Allen West