Thursday, April 23, 2009

Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart: The "Summit of the Americas" was an embarassment for our hemisphere

"He [Lincoln Diaz-Balart] is bad news for the Left, for many reasons: For one thing, he is fearless. For another, he is knowledgeable. He has an interesting personal background as well. His father was a political leader in Cuba. Indeed, he was Fidel Castro’s friend and roommate. And brother-in-law. But the Diaz-Balarts and Castro went their separate ways: The Diaz-Balarts went a democratic way; Castro pursued totalitarian rule. (The Diaz-Balarts, incidentally, will tell you that Castro is not a Communist, and never has been: In his heart, he is a fascist.)

"Sometimes, Castro likes to play with visiting congressmen, who sit at his knee (or smooch his backside). “Say hello to my nephews for me,” he will say. Back in Washington, the Diaz-Balarts merely scoff."- Jay Nordlinger, National Review Senior Editor