Saturday, February 18, 2006

At the Danish Embassy in Washington DC

The New Black Panther Party and other Muslim groups held a protest rally at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington DC today. I was there to counter them standing with other FreeRepublic people between them and the embassy as synmbolic "human shields".

Freedom has to be defended, and we're not going to let the other side have the streets and public square to themselves any more.

As I've no time tonight to copy everything to blogger, please go to The Redhunter for details. As always, I've got photos and a full report.

Michelle Malkin was there. I didn't really get to meet her but it was a thrill to see her there, as I'm a huge fan. As of this writing she doesn't have a post up yet on it but I'm certain that on Sunday she'll have full coverage up.

The Washington Post has a short story up on the event, and I'm in the photo on their website, as the guy holding the Danish flag at left.