Saturday, February 11, 2006

There is no future

Europe is caving in.

From LGF:

- Danish Cartoon Editor on "Indefinite Leave"

From American Future

- Norwegian Appeasement: editor apologizes for caricatures

From The Belmont Club:

- the EU is preparing regulations to restrict speech to prevent angering religious communities;

- Sweden is shutting down websites which publish the Mohammed cartoons

Combine a literally dying and self-loathing indigenous Europe with a demographically exploding and increasingly assertive muslim population in its midst and what will you get as a result?

Unless the muslims westernize (and there is more to that than drinking Coke and having a burger), the Old Continent will descend into barbarism.

Can it be prevented? I and some others see it coming, but what about my fellow Europeans? Do they even care and if so, will they find the will and strength to fight back? We will all be old, staying in nursery homes and worrying about our pension checks!

Sorry for sounding so glum, but pfff...