Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell pours it on; Cheney makes his case

Zell Miller's speech packed the heaviest punch of the convention. pair has been more wrong, more loudly, more often than the two Senators from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Together, Kennedy/Kerry have opposed the very weapons systems that won the Cold War and that is now winning the War on Terror. Listing all the weapon systems that Senator Kerry tried his best to shut down sounds like an auctioneer selling off our national security but Americans need to know the facts.
Vice President Cheney's speech was competent and effective.
The fanatics who killed some 3,000 of our fellow Americans may have thought they could attack us with impunity — because terrorists had done so previously. But if the killers of September 11th thought we had lost the will to defend our freedom, they did not know America ... and they did not know George W. Bush.