Tuesday, August 31, 2004

J Kerry in one short paragraph

I think this one paragraph from a column by Jim Geraghty (NRO) manages to show the types of decisions that Kerry has made throughout his career:

"As a young man urging America to change its policy in Vietnam, he estimated that perhaps 3,000 South Vietnamese would need asylum if the North Vietnamese took over. (More than 100,000 were executed without trial.) He based his first primary campaign for the Senate on being the strongest advocate for the nuclear-freeze movement. His instinct throughout the '80s was to cut military spending. He later justified one of his few marginally conservative votes, the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, as an effort to reduce military spending. He declared the Reagan years to be "an era of darkness." After the Cold War, he opposed driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. Throughout the Clinton years, he served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence without any distinctions or accomplishments whatsoever. He suggested in a late-'90s book that the serious threats of the future were the Japanese yakuza, narcotics cartels, and kidney smuggling in China."