Thursday, September 30, 2004

The first debate

I think John Kerry made a fairly big mistake in saying that America needs to pass a "global test" to go to war. I also think that Bush nailed Kerry for saying that the Iraq war is the wrong war and still saying that he could persuade allies to join us in the effort. But, Bush didn't spend enough time attacking Kerry's US Senate Record on intelligence, defense and his votes.

The media might spin this debate as a big Kerry victory. But I don't think it will have a big impact on the race. It might just slow down the bleeding that the Kerry campaign has been suffering from for the past two months. It's amazing that John Kerry has reverted back to mentioning his Vietnam service again. But on what else does Kerry have to base his candidacy?

Was I the only one puzzled that Kerry talked about winning the war in Iraq and then, a few minutes later, talking about how we have spent 200 billion dollars on Iraq that could have been spent on health care, firehouses and schools? If you think that spending money in Iraq is an incorrect use of resources then you aren't really committed to winning.