Thursday, September 23, 2004

Gallup Poll - Trust in Media at New Low

Even this report on a poll about trust of the media has somewhat of a liberal slant to it.

Here is an excerpt from the article (But you really need to read the entire article, not just this one paragraph)....

"Clearly, something new has happened to shake public confidence in the media," Gallup reports, "but whether that 'something' is the recent CBS News controversy is a matter of speculation.

"One might assume that if the CBS News story were the culprit, that this would be reflected in a disproportionately large drop in confidence in the media among Republicans. However, the data on this is not conclusive. Trust in the news media is typically lower among Republicans, but all three partisan groups show a significant decline in confidence in the media since last year. It did drop by a somewhat greater degree among Republicans than Democrats, however."

In other words..... only Republicans lost confidence in the media because of the CBS news story which used forged documents as "proof".