Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korean Labor Camps Inside Russia

VICE sheds light on N. Korean labor camps inside Russia in new video

From The Daily Caller - If you haven’t viewed the VICE documentary guides to various third world basket cases, you are really missing out.

They often give an inside look at places few reporters dare to go. Their latest release chronicles North Korean labor camps in the Siberia region of Russia.

The Daily Caller recently interviewed VICE’s Shane Smith about his most recent adventure:

You’ve traveled to many “exotic” places, but you call North Korea the “most fucked up place on Earth.” Given the stiff competition from places like Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Zimbabwe, that’s a serious statement.

There is no competition what-so-ever. North Korea has been in a lunatic time warp since the 1950′s. They are the only real Socialist-Cult-of-Personality-Absolute-Dictatorship left in the Stalinist or Maoist mold left on Earth. They are still at war with the U.S. and Japan to the point where they have threatened to nuke both of them and have repeatedly boasted that they could be in Seoul in and hour and a half (don’t even get me started about their underground invasion tunnels) and thereby start WWIII.

On top of all that, the country is run day to day by Kim Il Sung — “The Eternal President” — who has been dead since [1994] and his son Kim Jung Il, who is the largest private importer of Hennessy in the world and is madly in love with Elizabeth Taylor, Broadway musicals and 80′s slasher movies. The country is starving and has no power, yet every year they throw the Arirang Games, or “Mass Gymnastics,” where 150,000 people act out a simultaneous pantomime about the history of Korea, in the largest stadium on Earth to … no one. They won’t let anyone into DPRK, so there is no audience. Nice. Not to mention that every room, every subway car, every factory, every billboard, every TV ad is just pictures of Kim Jung Il and Kim Il Sung. They are literally everywhere — even the FLOWERS are named after them (kimjungillia). It is pure, unadulterated madness. No other country even comes close. (read more)

North Korean Labor Camps - Part 1: Video
BTW- "Dear Leader" is dead