Friday, September 30, 2011

"...A Sign Of The Times"

I haven’t checked yet to see if they’re selling a line of job loss cards with the president on the front, but I’ll bet these would be big sellers:

Times are real tough
But you’ll just have to chill
This will all be over
When they pass the jobs bill

Call or Tweet your member of Congress today!

This morning I learned
When my staff brought the mail out
That the company you worked for
Didn’t qualify for a bailout

My sympathies

You’re probably wondering
While in the job fair pavilion
How your employer Solyndra
Squandered $500 million

Good luck green-job hunting!

They could sell this card in the “we’re proud of you” category with Nancy Pelosi’s picture on the front:

You don’t realize it now
Due to your sudden autonomy
But your lack of a job
Is stimulating the economy
Congratulations on your recent layoff!  -
Hat tip - Michelle Malkin