Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Passion of Obama

American Thinker- According to the Wall Street Journal, the President has deemed his debt ceiling efforts sufficiently arduous to merit a promotion. President Obama has apparently made a sacrifice so great that we have been saved (again, as if that were necessary). In reference to his recent efforts, the President commented, "There's no sense dying on a small cross."
We know our President is a font of scarcely believable material, but this is really something. Just how should a believer construe President Obama's analogy of himself to Jesus Christ?

First, there is a notable major difference between the President's comment and the more common and irreverent quip, "Come down off your cross." The President's comment is self-referencing; whereas the common quip is typically directed at another person. More importantly, the President's comment seeks a parallel to Christ's cross and inflation of the President's ordeal; whereas the common quip ironically suggests perspective, that another's troubles may be overstated.

President Obama has offered hope (a theological virtue), claimed to cause the oceans to subside (a miracle) and compared himself to Christ (a substantial deceit). [...]--------Read All