Friday, July 01, 2011

Did Esquire Sabotage Book Sales ?

WND sues Esquire for faked report-
WASHINGTON – WND is filing a lawsuit in the nation's capital today seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages for a faked "report" in Esquire magazine that falsely said a New York Times best-selling book, "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President," by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., had been pulled from store shelves by the publisher.

The claim has been filed by attorney Larry Klayman for Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, on behalf of the company, WND Books, himself and author Corsi.

Defendants named include Esquire Magazine Inc., parent company the Hearst Corp., and Mark Warren, the author of the false article.

"You can't just make up words and put them in people's mouths, deliberately misleading the public, deliberately defaming others and deliberately lying to inhibit commerce," Farah said. "Media institutions such as Esquire magazine and its parent, the Hearst Corporation, for which I was employed for nearly a decade, should know better. And they will as a result of this lawsuit."

"We are reacting to one of the most egregious abuses of freedom of the press that I have ever witnessed in my 30-plus year career in journalism," he said. "We are taking this action not because we desire to restrict First Amendment-guaranteed protections, but because we want to police them and guard them."

The claim explains how a significant number of people disbelieve Barack Obama's claims to be eligible to be president of the United States. A recent poll showed half the nation, some 150 million-plus people, want Congress to investigate his eligibility.

"President Barack Hussein Obama, wanting to try to eliminate this issue among voters and the American populace, recently released what many people, including Plaintiff Corsi, have reason to believe is a fraudulent birth certificate purporting to show that he was born in Hawaii," the claim explains.

"Just as Plaintiff's book was released, Defendants, each and every one of them, caused to be published and did publish at a minimum on the Internet, nationally and internationally, and specifically in the District of Columbia, an article entitled 'Breaking: Jerome Corsi's Birther Book Pulled from Shelves?,' about Plaintiffs' book," the lawsuit explains.

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A retired U.S. military commander who brought a court challenge to Barack Obama's tenure in the Oval Office says the mounting evidence indicating the "Certificate of Live Birth" he released in April is fake should shock the American public.

"If everyone was intellectually honest, they would admit those images put on the Internet are forgeries," said CDR Charles Kerchner, whose lawsuit that alleged Congress failed in its constitutional duty to make sure the man elected president was eligible for the office, was turned down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

He cited the work released this week by longtime Adobe software book author and computer expert Mara Zebest.

Her detailed report explains how the document released in April by Obama as a copy of his original birth certificate isn't even a good forgery.

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