Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A winning hand

Mike Murphy writes that the Bush campaign needs to keep doing what it did at the Republican National Convention.
....the president gave a compelling speech about why he has done what he has, and why he is right to have done it. He made up for a lackluster State of the Union speech earlier this year with a clearly outlined agenda, and showed us that he feels every casualty of this war in his own heart. The result was the first significant and dramatic poll movement in Bush's favor in nearly a year. Yes it was at least partially a bounce. But poll numbers bounce up because they are driven up by good things and the fact is, if the election were held tomorrow, Bush would win and Kerry would lose, and that hasn't been true for months.

....there is little mayhem Republicans can inflict on Kerry that his hapless, one-trick campaign hasn't already done to itself. Gallons of deadly Dukakis loser-juice run deep in the Massachusetts senator's political veins, and the only way Kerry can take back this campaign now is if President Bush surrenders it.